Deepest Parys

Wednesday last was my first visit to the 45fm level at Parys mine. How different this level is to the others. Not only was pisanite found along the way in a number of locations, but near the end of the road (so to speak) I came upon a copper-rich, low-iron pool, bright green in colour. This was an unusual find as other pools in Parys are deep red and contain iron in abundance. The ICP-AAS analysis of the pool water also revealed an abundance of aluminium compared to other water pools in the mine system.

Another feature unique to this level is the presence of what the Parys Underground Group have named Giraffe Stope, for reasons obvious from the image below! I’ve no idea as yet what’s causing such a giraffe-like pattern on many of the rocks here, and neither do the group. Such rock patterns appear unique to this area.



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